«Mountain Lighthouse» – «Place of Time Recovered»

“Mountain Lighthouse” is an artistic and architectural intervention aimed at creating an independent cultural space with public benefit functions in Michałowice, at the heart of the Giant Mountains.

It will be an architectural mini-complex designed for artistic residencies, art & social activities, architectural education in the field of self-initiated / self-built architecture, and ecological education.

The project is divided into four stages:

  1. S1 typographic intervention “Presence”
    (2018; status: built)
  2. S2 construction of a greenhouse – “Shelter for Unwanted Plants”
    (2020; status: architectural project completed)
  3. S3 construction of an ‘antiresidency’ – “House of Recovered Time”
    (2021; status: conceptual project completed)
  4. S4 adaptation of an old barn for cultural, educational and gallery purposes, along with the construction of an observation deck
    (2022; status: study)

Each of these stages implements a different dimension of the intervention in the extraordinary natural and cultural environment of the Cinema Theater, on whose estate our activity comes to life. The House Council established by us will watch over the residential program of the Mountain Lighthouse. Together with the construction of the Orangery in 2020, we plan to start a series of artistic residencies and cultural activities, temporarily at the headquarters of the Cinema Theater, and from 2021, i.e. at the time of completing the construction of the House of Recovered Time, in the [anti]residential space.

Mountian Lighthouse is being build on premises and in cooperation with Cinema Theater.

Mountain Lighthouse team:

Konrad Brynda, Piotr Bujas, Paweł Krzaczkowski, Katarzyna Szumska, Zbigniew Szumski


Piotr Bujas, Paweł Krzaczkowski, Katarzyna & Zbigniew Szumscy


Konrad Brynda, Piotr Bujas, Paweł Krzaczkowski


Katarzyna Szumska, Zbigniew Szumski, Stachu Szumski

House Council:

Marcin Barski, prof. Marek Chołoniewski, Monika Konrad, Katarzyna Kozyra, Monika Pasiecznik, PhD Łukasz Stanek


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